Star Wars – R2D2 Video Projector

While I guess this is really one for the geeks (and the Star Wars geeks in particular), this R2D2 projector by Nikko Home Electronics really does have some utility. Not only does it include a projector for your DVDs, it has ports for your PlayStation, xBox or Wii consoles, inputs for video cameras, flash drives and even a dedicated dock for your iPod. It gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of where you need to place your home video projector — you just use your Millenium Falcon remote control to move R2D2 to the place you want to watch your movie. Though, if you are like me, $3000 may be a little steep.

However, this could also be an uber-cool accessory for your corporate boardroom. Either way, it will make your next presentation/movie night something to remember.