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Things are a little quiet around here at the moment … but all for a couple of good reasons!

ONE — We are busily putting together the program for Interesting South which hits Belvoir Street Theatre next week — May 12! The program is shaping up to be very … well, interesting.

TWO — Drew McLellan and I are already receiving submissions and questions for the next round of the Age of Conversation. And this time around there are almost THREE times as many authors.

And finally, I am still working sporadically on the Future of Your Brand series. There are some great ideas ready to share … I just need about 10 more hours each day to write them up!

In the meantime, do drop by and leave me a comment or a link (for some reason all I am getting at the moment is spam!).

One thought on “Quicksand!!!

  1. I can’t even describe how accurately the quicksand sign describes my current feelings. Looking forward to more Future of Your Brand stuff.

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