Masiguy Surgey Goes Well

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When I think of Tim (Masiguy) Jackson, I think of him as is here in this picture … smiling, happy to be out riding. But this morning I heard that he has been badly injured during a cycling race.

The accident occurred when he tried to avoid another rider just before the last lap sprint. He was doing about 38 mph and ended up with concussion, a broken rib, partly severed thumb and some cracked vertebrae. However, after surgery he is doing well.

You can find updates at Unbreakable Bonds and pictures (be prepared) at A Surfeit of Passion.

Get well soon, Tim!

2 thoughts on “Masiguy Surgey Goes Well

  1. Thank you dear friend. I can’t say enough thanks to all who have given such incredible support to me. I’m simply floored.
    I’ll be back and better than ever because I have so many friends and supporters wishing me well.
    Thank you again- sincerely.

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