Joseph Jaffe Got Shouty at Ad:Tech

  Joseph Jaffe Got Shouty 
  Originally uploaded by Cam Beck

Joe Jaffe was unable to attend Blogger Social … but in the spirit of fund raising, his name tag was auctioned off.

It seems that "Joseph Jaffe" has had several sightings at Ad:Tech in San Francisco where the marketing bloggers were out in force thanks to Tim McHale at the Madison Ave Journal. You can check out their coverage all over the web — and by following the adtech twitter stream.

3 thoughts on “Joseph Jaffe Got Shouty at Ad:Tech

  1. thanks for the reminder Cece- it’s so easy to donate to the fund using paypal and takes only seconds to do….
    and thanks also to Joe for being such a good sport and Cam for keeping the spirit of Blogger Social alive with his Flickr pool and energy to capture and prompt more donations to such a great cause

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