What’s In Your Social Media Pipe?

  pipe dreams 
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Ever wondered who is creating digital media about you — or your product? Ever wanted a different way to report to your client on digital touch points? I just found this rather neat Yahoo Pipe that scours the web for all different types of media. It is called the Social Media Firehose. Originally created by Kingsley Joseph to monitor references to salesforce.com, the pipe can also be modified to search any term you desire.

So when I did a vanity search on "Gavin Heaton" it actually turned up a range of unexpected content. There were photos from my Flickr account, images where I was tagged at Blogger Social, Technorati feeds, comments, discussions and posts. All of these were aggregated in a neat way, showing the location or origin on a Google Map or in a simple list.

So, do you know what is in your social media pipe? And is it a dribble or is it really a fire hose?