Mindmeld with Mindblob

"Hello this is Belgium calling".

And so began my first actual piece of socialising for Blogger Social. It was my good friend, Luc Debaisieux of Mindblob fame. We had organised to stay at the same hotel here in New York and Luc had promised to call when he got in — and while we have corresponded via email and read each other’s blogs, we had not yet met in person. The time had come.

I hurried downstairs to meet him in the uber-cool lobby of the Paramount Hotel. I scanned the floor to see if he was here and then turned to the lift as he emerged. This was exciting!

We spent a great couple of hours chatting and having a drink — eventhough it was well past his bedtime (it was already midnight Belgium time when we met up). Scott Monty talks about meeting up with bloggers (and other online friends), referring to the meeting as a "preunion" — and this makes a lot of sense. It was like we were old friends (perhaps from High School) who had not seen each other in years. And because, as Luc would say, we were already on the same "wavelength", there was no barrier to conversation. No awkwardness.

It was, indeed, like a mindmeld. This is shaping up to be a fantastic couple of days!

3 thoughts on “Mindmeld with Mindblob

  1. Gavin it was SOOOO great to meet you and Luc and Katie and Kris and Arun because I knew how far you had all come and us being at the same event might never happen again. Well hopefully it will at Blogger Social 09 😉

  2. What a post Gavin. What an honor, thank you.
    Well this moment I’ll never forget. Felt like meeting you “again”… but for the very first time. The mindmeld was indeed quite incredible, a new experience, filled with genuine, sincere emotions. Then I can’t resist to tell you online and “again” : it was fantastic to meet you Gavin and I can’t wait to see you “again”.

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