Have You Been Blogged?

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You have probably already seen this, but the folks over at Blogged.com have setup a way to easy discover new blogs. There are plenty of categories to choose from and even some reader reviews. And if the Blogged Editors have had a chance to review your site, they will give you a ranking.

I am ranked at 7.8 — “very good”. But there seems to be plenty of room for improvement! What can I do? Is there something more you would like to see? Something less? Let me know!

Oh, and you can get a little graphic to show your allegiance. Just like this one!

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3 thoughts on “Have You Been Blogged?

  1. Hey Gavin,
    I wonder what their criteria for judging is. Hmmm. I just submitted my site. I’m half scared to see what the rank is. I would kill for a 7.8 🙂

  2. I’m there but unranked, lost amidst the almost 600,000 “Miscellaneous” catagorised blogs.
    I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch… lol

  3. Holy crap… they gave me an 8.7 (“great”)…
    I better start trying to actually earn that now.
    You’re way better than a 7.8 (or 8.7 for that matter).

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