Words and Prayers for Arun

Personal tragedy touches us all at some stage … but nothing ever prepares us for the devastating impact that comes with the loss of a loved one. And the effects of this ripple out beyond the immediate family — circles of friends, extended family members, work mates, colleagues and even casual acquaintances feel the sad touch of loss.

This week, Arun Rajagopal’s mother passed away. Through his energy, enthusiasm and good will, Arun has become a loved member of the marketing blogging community — and his loss reverberated around the world. Upon hearing, I paused. Drew a breath. After all, we all have hearts in common … and mine had skipped a beat on Arun’s behalf.

And while I can’t be with Arun, my thoughts are certainly with him and his family at this time. We have also setup a site where, should you wish to, you can leave a message for Arun. It can be found here.