Do You Run with Fast Company?

Fc011995 Years ago I was an avid reader of Fast Company. It contained a wealth of great, innovation and business focused content and featured writers who were pushing both the concept of journalism and the practice of business. Over the years I drift away and come back to Fast Company — perhaps this reflects moves in my career from a focus on corporate innovation across to B2B marketing and on to consumer marketing and life in an agency. But I always find a reason to come back to Fast Company … there is always some value to be unlocked.

And today I find myself returning again … with the announcement of this initiative. Now, anyone can become a member of Fast Company, contributing blog posts, questions and joining discussions. Apparently this will provide you with the chance to have your thoughts and writing sharing the same space as Fast Company writers like Ellen McGirt or Robert Safian or the new additions — Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. Certainly sounds interesting … and I will be keen to see how it actually works and whether this new extended and open network of the "Company of Friends" stimulates debate or whether it falls victim to social networking fatigue.

I, for one, am keen to see it succeed. I have already joined up — and you can too. Hope to see you there!