Frozen Pea Friday

I read this week (unfortunately I can’t remember where), that you KNOW you are part of a community when you disappear from it for a while and the community members come looking for you. And this is what is a revelation about social media — not only do we participate in the big picture ideas of others, through micro-blogging such as Twitter, we are also exposed to the minutiae and sometimes intimate details of the lives of others. Others who we, at some point, come to recognise as friends.

With this in mind, in a matter of hours, Susan Reynolds heads into surgery. And in support of her efforts to overcome cancer, many of us are turning our images, our avatars etc into pea-themed pictures.

This great idea was the brainchild of the charming and energetic, Connie Reece. And if you want to participate, you can do so easily — change your Twitter avatar and post it to this Flickr group. And as you post, send you best wishes and thoughts from your place in the world to Susan.

3 thoughts on “Frozen Pea Friday

  1. Gavin, bless your pea-pickin’ heart for joining the Flickr group and blogging about it. Getting the Frozen Pea Fund off the ground has been a whirlwind of activity with a lot of people helping behind the scenes. Not so sure I’m still energetic, but I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Frozen Pea Friday’s, Twitter and the American Cancer Society

    So earlier this week I told you about Susan Reynolds and how she is blogging her breast cancer experience. Well since then some of friends started a fundraising effort to support Breast Cancer Research, and guess who they are supporting?

  3. This is David from over at the American Cancer Society. Thanks for posting about this and helping us fund life saving research into Breast Cancer. Susan’s story is truly inspirational and we hope this fundraiser will help spread her story far and wide. And thanks for being a American Cancer Society volunteer Gavin!
    For those of you giving money please know that The American Society has invested more in breast cancer research grants over time than any other voluntary public health organization – $322.7 million since 1972! And thanks for giving! Maybe we can all form a virtual team at a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in 2008?

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