InterestingSouth Wrap

Gavin Heaton
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The InterestingSouth conference last week was a great success. It was a fantastic mishmash of people and ideas … and even a few presentations.

Gregg and I greeted the audience as they arrived at Bondi Pavillion, checking off their names and providing them with a random book, a conference program and a pen. It was interesting to see the reactions to the books (and there was a wide and eclectic variety available — I wonder if Emily has anything left in her library) and the openness of the participants. The sponsor helped put everyone in the mood, with books from Remo, juices and smoothies from Nudie, water from Another Bloody Water, refreshments from Smirnoff, Cheese, delicious cheese from McIntosh and Bowman and ethical chocolate from Cocolo.

All up we had about 17 presentations — but the night itself seemed to fly by. And while the presentation descriptions sounded "interesting", they were even moreso in the flesh. Unfortunately I missed a couple of the early presentations, trying to corral the late comers over by the top of the stairs — but I did try and keep a Twitter-stream going through the night. I will use this, over the next few days, to put down some thoughts on each of the fantastic presentations — but Matt Moore also has already covered some of these — though not his own on zombies. And you can see Juan’s on his blog. There is also a great Flickr stream by Piers over here.

Finally, more thanks to the sponsors — the team from The Precinct helped out on the production side and Pure Profile will be hosting the videos and other materials very soon. Thanks also go to The Design Conspiracy and Digital Wranglers. And Lauren not only helped fold programs, she was the onstage tea hostess, she designed and organised the stage set AND presented FIRST.

Oh, and if you want to take a look at my presentation … here it is on Slideshare. Three minutes of joy.