Scared to Blog? Here’s Your Chance

Peeking through fingers
Originally uploaded by Mazin melanie

I have been thinking over the experiment that John Moore at Brand Autopsy has been running. While he was away, John left a masked marketer at the helm — Skyon, the master marketing pick-up artist. And while Skyons posts were great … he kept his mask firmly intact.

So, here’s what I am thinking. There must be some readers of this blog who would like to write some stuff. Maybe you just haven’t had the time to put together your own blog. Maybe you don’t want to … or maybe you just haven’t made it public yet.

What if you could post here … say once a week for a month. That’s right … four posts over a month. You can choose your name/identity or you can come out of the shadows completely. Up to you. If you are interested, send me an email and let me know. I can only take one at the moment … but if this works, I may do it again.

Go on, what have you got to lose?