Information Deluge

Well, it has been a very big week. There have been lot of ideas filling my brain and, as always, there is plenty of work to do. All this means, of course, that my blog debt has been racking up. So while I normally dislike writing link-style posts, I really have no choice this week. Here goes:

One thought on “Information Deluge

  1. thanks, its really sweet of you to mention the book
    on the adage150 debate, I got them to take brandtarot off which actually was in Todd’s 150 originally (because it closed some six months ago) and put greenormal on. I actually havent displayed the badge because while it’s small in a good way (grassrootsy, in actually knowing half these folk & want to know the rest) its pretty naff to host a badge telling the world you are 279th out of 150. It’s a bit like that bit in Meet the Fockers with the (non) trophy collection his parents have kept. This is the world’s premier branding magazine, you’d have thought they’d have wondered about what to best call this thing. :J

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