The Business of Web 2.0

Just finished giving a presentation to a group of MBA students at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (thanks to Dennis Price). It was the first time that I had the reason to think through the idea of the NEW B2C — brand to community (thanks to Geoff Moore) — using the Age of Conversation as a case study. Hope you enjoy it (PS I have speaker notes if you need them).

Thanks to the following for their ideas which were woven together:

8 thoughts on “The Business of Web 2.0

  1. Hi Gavin, Tom here (the one who put his hand up for all the sites).
    Again, thanks for your presentation tonight. I got quite a lot out of your discussion.
    I will probably see you at Interesting South. I hadn’t realise that a close friend of mine Martin Mischkulnig was also speaking!

  2. Gavin, thanks for sharing your presentation!
    Would have been great fun and enlightenment to hear you give it live and in person.
    Keep creating,

  3. Gavin
    Chaos – connections – conversations:
    all the good stuff that makes learning possible, don’t you think?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so generously

  4. Great presentation, Gavin. I shall continue to borrow from your slides and hopefully learn something in the process. Thanks!

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