Give One, Get One (OLPC)

I have written about the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative before … and you may remember that for a SHORT TIME ONLY, the cool OLPC is available for purchase in North America.

That’s right, as of yesterday, the XO Giving site allows you to purchase two of these cool laptops for $400 … one being donated to a child in a developing nation, the second being sent to YOUR child at home. The offer is open for 15 days!

But, listen, if you are a school buyer and you want to purchase new PCs for your kids next year, consider the OLPC and have double the impact on the lives of children — locally and globally. Now, that’s really a great idea!

2 thoughts on “Give One, Get One (OLPC)

  1. I’ve been reading about this endeavor for a while, and I’m really glad to see that the project has finally taken off after some initial problems.
    Making a positive impact is very admirable, and I admire Negroponte for this idea.

  2. Thank you for posting about OLPC. I am working with OLPC in trying to raise awareness of OLPC and their Give One Get One program and it’s awesome when I see influencers like yourself interested in our initiative. Check out this video with Masi Oka from Heroes and the director.
    Also, you get a free year of T-Mobile HotSpot internet when you buy the XO Laptops.

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