This Blog is Over?

300pxthe_scream My good friend Marcus, has a FANTASTIC series unfolding at present — the topic — "If I were a client today". This series does was Marcus does best … teases out a story, a personal narrative chock full of insight, self-reflection and humour. There are nuggets of truths universally shared. We nod. We agree. Sometimes we even get as angry as Marcus. Please, make sure you read it.

Go there now, and then come back. I have something else for you below.

You see, when I saw this on Angus’ blog, my first thought was "this is something new from Marcus". Only it wasn’t. It was another deeply felt, strongly worded, strident cry (again, please read in full):

I fucking hate advertising.
I fucking hate what it is doing to the world.
I hate the way it rots your brain.

If I was to visualise it, I would think of Munch’s The Scream. And in many ways I have been there myself. My first posts were attempts to give shape to my own sense of dislocation, to radiate the signs of my worldly discontent and to shout my own chaos into being. But slowly, surely, I found myself far from alone on a bridge. Or in a field. I found myself rooted, stretching out and connected to others. Also shouting. Also reaching. I think that finding others has been my greatest blogging joy.

But far from being over, this blog has afforded my opportunities for which I am grateful. For blogs and social media allow you to turn your ideas into actions very simply. And effectively. You can become linked to a cause. Or you can start one. You can bend your mind towards solving "large problems". And you can contribute to easing the pain of others.

If what you do for a living means compromise (and it almost always does), then there are ways of offsetting this. But it does mean DOING something. Even if it is just reaching out. David, I hope we see your prodigious talents here. There is no recognition … but you do get a karma credit.

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