I Really Am Going to Blogger Social 08 …

If you are going to Blogger Social 08 … tell me why and what you are most looking forward to … add your video to this Kaltura!

4 thoughts on “I Really Am Going to Blogger Social 08 …

  1. Now I am feeling lonely! I am based in the UK but would love to come to the blogger social.
    Maybe I should put the flight and entrance ticket on my Xmas list!
    Funny, the world is flat..we live in a global village…etc etc and yet you still can’t beat face to face meetings

  2. BSO8… Time to register!

    Just a reminder for those of you who might have forgotten : it is time to register to Blogger Social ’08. The deadline is November 15th, it will be in NYC and it is going to be a unique opportunity

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