Eat.Sleep.Blog – Kaltura Edition

It has been a long time between drinks, but Sean, Paul and I are finally back with the next instalment of Eat.Sleep.Blog. And in our ongoing exploration of technologies, we have shifted, yet again … this time trying out the new Kaltura video collaboration system.

A couple of days we started thinking about doing another episode … so I suggested we try Kaltura to make the recording. Sean setup a series of clips as a framework and our "experiment" very quickly turned into a production rough cut … thanks largely to the ease of use of the system. Despite a few issues with permissions, it is surprisingly easy to arrange, edit and produce a video podcast. And while this first Kaltura episode is a little rough … I am sure it will get better over time.

This episode covers:

One thought on “Eat.Sleep.Blog – Kaltura Edition

  1. My favorite is still you in the space station. That was pretty impressive, you getting a flight on Richard Branson’s test ship and all… 😉

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