Can a Killer App Really Hurt Me?

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I just did a little test — ran a search on my blog content for the term "context is king". There were two entries — one here and the other here. There was also a third post, with the phrase in the text — and while I am not really a fan of quoting myself, I kinda liked this one:

… in a Web 2.0 world, where context is king, content still speaks baby … as long as you have the ears to listen.

But why is this important?

Just recently I had lunch with the CEO of a leading technology company here in Australia and he was very excited about the direction of his company. But, as I told him, technology is not the answer … having great technology is important and is something that can drive competitive advantage in all sorts of areas (hey, it can even drive sales) — but the technology is only an enabler. Once you have it, if you don’t back it up with a smart content strategy and a clear contextual strategy, you have a dead duck on your hands. And an expensive one at that.

David Armano is also musing on the reasons that execs are stumbling in the Web 2.0/social media world. He was asked about the next "killer app" — and replied "content". And he is right — it is all about content. But it is also, equally, all about context. Finding a way to cohesively integrate content and context — and thereby activating an influence and filtering network that helps shape consumer experience is where the gold dust lies. The technology just makes it work … you can use it to dig yourself a hole — just make sure you don’t fall into it.

2 thoughts on “Can a Killer App Really Hurt Me?

  1. Rob Reid of is quoted in Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail as saying “Context… not content… is king”. In fact there is a whole chapter The New Tastemakers about context. The problem with context is that it sometimes converts to “personalisation” of a site. Which is pretty well useless if the host is still providing the content and the member is not given a chance to enter the discussion, simply to filter what content they want.
    I find the network makes it’s own content and it’s own context. In fact, I would say that the Dialogue is the Content. Or at the very least, If Context is King then Conversation is Queen. Not sure I’m being clear… 😛

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but talk about ‘killer apps’ doesn’t sit well beside a post about oppression and killing in Burma.
    I know ‘killer’ is shorthand for ‘world-beating’, but there’s got to be a better term!

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