BlogWorld and New Media Expo — Some Facts and Figures

Mike Sansone reminded me that BlogWorld and New Media Expo is scheduled for early November 2007 … and the time for discounts is almost over. The breadth and range of the speakers on offer demonstrate exactly how challenging “keeping up” with Web 2.0/social media really can be — there are strategists, PR and advertising types, technologists, journalists, podcasters and others who cross all these boundaries. But the real reason that social media is fascinating is not the technology or even the ideas.

It is the people. People like you and me. And people like “Jane Doe”. And there are lot of them:

The last two bullets serve as a powerful reminder of the close link between social media and purchasing. It will be interesting to read Des Walsh’s coverage.

One thought on “BlogWorld and New Media Expo — Some Facts and Figures

  1. Putting me on my mettle, Gavin. I had a good look at the program today and I can see that one of the challenges will be which of the sessions to attend. The expo will also be interesting. Maybe I can get to be efficient by then with my new camcorder and be able to do some videoblogging!

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