Planning Success with Plan HQ

Plan HQ end of year bash
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It is great to see the folks from Decisive Flow getting some kudos for their Plan HQ business plan builder software. It just goes to show that a great, niche product, a solid business plan (surely they use their own tool) and a "no-brainer" pricing model ($9-$45 per month) can prove to be a recipe for success.

But, of course, there is more goodness from Nat and Tim — be sure to drop by their blog, Simple and Loveable — especially if you run a small business and want to understand how Web 2.0, social media or new technologies apply to your business. It’s gold.

One thought on “Planning Success with Plan HQ

  1. Thanks Gavin, appreciate the comments. Its been a big few weeks and last few days launching at DEMO.
    Nat hasn’t been over here at the conference unfortunately, but has absolutely nailed the website and user interface for PlanHQ and its been very well received,
    thanks for keeping track of us, it seems like the servant of chaos is always there….

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