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Despite the ongoing adoption of social media by the general public, many companies have yet to cotton on to the idea of blogging as a role within their organisations. There are many (and good) reasons for this, but there are also many reasons to push to overcome them. I am sure you have heard the excuses … but there ARE opportunities for smart, corporate social media plays — especially for those organisations that have active consumer exposure.
One of the companies who are interesting here is Nokia. Not only have they hired the insightful and prolific Karl Long as Web/Social Media Integration Manager, they continue to seek out talent and create new roles for yet to be created markets. A good example is this role that has just been advertised (partly through Karl’s blog).

For this position, Nokia are looking for “a Russell” — someone who is ALREADY active in the social media space, has a good and practical understanding of the technologies used in social media/community building … and is willing to fail in full public view (sounds like almost every blogger that I know and respect).

So, if your secret plan is to become an employed blogger/evangelist — this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

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