Why Blogging is Good For Your Brain

good for your brain
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I remember a while ago that David Armano asked a question of his readers. It was about the number of books that they read. If memory serves me correctly, David had been challenged by Roger von Oech to read books more often.

I was thinking on this the other day, especially in light of The Age of Conversation … and while this is not particularly earth shattering, it is an observation worth re-stating.
If you read one book a month, when the average person reads one book a year, this will give you an edge. In five years the average person will have read five books while you would have read 60. Blogs further compress this process … the circles of influence and the power of collaboration and incremental innovation evident in the way that blog-based ideas build, means that PARTICIPATING in social media accelerates, even faster, the process of learning.

This makes blogging not only good for your brain, but also important for your career and your future capacities. Expertise is now at your fingertips … and only a few clicks away.
What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Why Blogging is Good For Your Brain

  1. To me, it’s all a matter of time management. Blogging with the TV on, reading in the bath with a glass of wine. MULTITASK! I read to expand the mind and relax, I blog to impart information and further my career. Reading gives a greater understanding of how to write for the blog and the blog gives feed back on how that information is received. As for reading more than the average person, bring on a game of Scrabble!

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