Is This Your Generation?

Words and stories are open to interpretation … it is what we call "context". It applies to stories and to storytellers and importantly also to readers. It is always a matter of questions … who reads and who is read.

I saw this video on TV the other night and loved it. In a world where the medium and message converge, where the performance and performer are indistinguishable, we are presented with not just a sense of entertainment but also ethical decisionmaking. When you watch this clip, what do you feel? Do you relate? Can you envision a future where the role you play now (as voyeur) is exchanged with one of the performers in this clip?

If so, how are you transforming your thinking on this into actions in the immediate, short and longer term?

3 thoughts on “Is This Your Generation?

  1. Much more interesting, I think, is the overlooked fact that the old folks in the video are probably about the same age as The Who. Who, as we all know, are still performing to this day.
    So whilst we go “aw…bless” because they’re old people singing a rocking tune, let’s not forget that Who fans are paying $100 for a ticket to watch slightly more famous old people singing the exact same song!

  2. Good context shift . . . but it was more than a little weird watching the performers. Many of them look like they were in their 30s when this song originally came out . . . but the song itself was about a generation that was at least 10 years younger than they were at that time.

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