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In his inimitable style, Mack Collier has created some great debate around the concept of monetizing one’s blog, bouncing off Joseph Jaffe’s iPod experiment. But while the debate raged across the blogosphere there was something quietly occurring over at Todd Andrlik’s Power 150.

The Power 150 is now joining forces with Advertising Age who will use the Power 150 "as the main editorial benchmark when referencing bloggers in print and online".
More details will emerge when AdAge make their own announcement — but in true blogging style, Todd chose to send out an email to his community of readers to let them know, in advance, what was coming down the track.

This is an exciting crossover/connection between the advertising/marketing industry and the blogging community and represents a vote of confidence in the power of social media in the overall marketing/branding mix.

Where will it go? Obviously AdAge have identified some serious value in the blogosphere — perhaps others will also begin to take stock of the value of blogs. Watch out, Mack, the Top 25 could be the next on the shopping list!

3 thoughts on “The Blog Stock

  1. Gavin I think this is a very exciting move for all marketing bloggers. You’re right that it’s a vote of confidence, but I think it’s also a sign of commitment that Ad Age is going to feature bloggers more prominently in their articles from now on. As they should, and this ties back into the idea I have of companies realizing the value of the content that we are creating.
    I think this is good news for everyone, and will be interesting to see what happens next!

  2. Gavin,
    I learned this news earlier today. It is every entrepreneur’s dream come true, and should be good for all of us in the Top 150, as well as readers looking for blogs to discover.

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