I’m Back There Somewhere

Well it looks like we are almost done with the Age of Conversation preparation. Final changes have been made, files sent around the world, versions compared and links updated. The blog is setup, the storefront is nervously awaiting the avalanche of demand … and if you are like me, there is more than just a little pent-up excitement building.
I was pleasantly surprised to find my pre-launch proof sitting on the dining room table last night — and between you and me — it looks tops!
Now, I look forward to digging into my favourite blogs, replying to emails and (dare I say it) adding to my music blog (in case you have not seen it yet, take a listen to this beautiful song!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back There Somewhere

  1. Gav, it is an honor knowing you…you have enriched us all with your smarts and soul. I am so excited for next week and even more so as I look forward to looking BACK on our milestone a decade from now and knowing we were all a part of moving this amazing medium…and movement…forward. Yep, as much as I’m excited by its launch I’m excited about looking back on this years from now.
    Enjoy your special day on Sunday. I’ll be away but thinking of you (so I’ll think of you on Saturday since that’s your Sunday).
    Much love and luck!

  2. Great work, Gavin. Think you should know that there’s now a group on Facebook called “Age of Conversation Collaborators + Friends”. It’s pretty much a group to discuss the book, keep tabs on the authors, news, reviews and other great stuff related to the book. If you’re on FB, (I’m not sure that you are) check it out. A handful of us have joined the group and I think we’ll probably see more contributors and friends join over the next few days.
    Again, thanks so much for taking this on. Can’t wait for Monday!

  3. Gavin,
    You once pointed the thunderbirds in one of your posts. So I’d say that above coordinating an extra-ordinary international project, you are just… FAB!
    Thank you for this great adventure you offered us all. Can’t wait till monday.

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