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Researcher extraordinaire, Sharon Sarmiento, has unearthed this neat online music system. You can simply and easily create playlists and embed them on your blog. Now you can listen and write at the same time to your own or to others playlists.

Thought it would make a nice addition to my new music blog.

Oh, and did I mention that Blogmusik is free? What are you waiting for? Go on, share your music taste with the rest of us … don’t you know it tells us more about your personality?

2 thoughts on “Music to Blog By

  1. I took a peak at your music blog Gav. Good to see you’re a man of taste. Hunters & Collectors were one of the first Aussie bands I ever saw. Throw Your Arms is an absolute classic.

  2. OMG–you have a new blog! That’s the big news here. I’ll be hanging out there too from now on :-). Love it! Our musical tastes definitely overlap.
    (And thank you for doing the BlogMusik thing :-))

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