How Famous Are You

Oh you know I love a good gadget … so I couldn’t go past this one. It is from MyHeritage and it scans your face from a photograph and then matches you up to celebrities on its database. I must admit I like the idea of looking like William Shatner … or perhaps it is all that form-hugging Star Trek gear. Who do you look like? Go on … you know you love a bit of Web 2.0 fun.

8 thoughts on “How Famous Are You

  1. Actually, I’m taller than Tom Cruise

    It happens a lot. First I hear the whispering. Then, I notice the people trying not to stare. Then, one of them rummages through her purse, looking for something for me to sign. Finally one of them musters up the courage to ask, are you Tom Cruise? I s…

  2. “Scottie… beam me up! It’s Captain Kirk… I knew it, I knew it!”
    Fantastic Gavin, thank for pointing this to our eyes.

  3. Luc … the only similarity I can see between you and Spock are the ears 😉
    David … nice combination — and from that angle, I can see the link with Lenin’s beard.

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