Marketing in a Foreign Language

One of the things that I love about Google Analytics is the maps … the way that, in a single glance, you can see where all the visitors to your websites come from. With blogs it is much more personal of course — it is often easy to actually put a name (and perhaps a face) to the dots spread across the map. For example, I know when Marcus or Luc visits because they are easy to spot, I can guess when CK drops in (though there are a few visitors from New York, including NYC, Rochester, Roslyn and St James).

But over the last week or so I noticed some unusual links coming through. There is this post in Spanish linking back to one of my personal favourite posts. And there is also the McCann Creative Mentorship blog from Romania.

It was fascinating to have Google translate these pages to see (roughly) what was being said. Fascinating. What about you? Do you know where your readers come from?

3 thoughts on “Marketing in a Foreign Language

  1. All the over the world, actually. Last week a big concentration from Bulgaria. Usually the number 2 and 3 languages of readers of my blog are Italian and Spanish. And you might see occasionally your blog “washed” through Google translation. It happened to mine in both French and Spanish — poor translations, of course. My stuff is too dense 😉

  2. CK … I don’t think anyone would EVER call you “regular”!
    Valeria … Of course the machine translation is high level — but it can be fun to see what happens during that translation!

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