5 thoughts on “I Will Survive

  1. This is good news; given that you live “Down Under” and are more likely to suffer a zombie attack. Just the same I hope you have the Age of Conversation book files backed up in a nice place like Ohio in the states.
    Mingle2 may have just found a very nice marketing tool. I personally was gratified to know that I can still pass 8th grade science with a B+ (since I have a PhD in Biology it is important to know that I am still qualified to practice.) 🙂

  2. zombies give me nightmares – but at least I’ve got a 48% chance of having another one or two…fun little game Gavin – thanks!

  3. Dangit! How did you beat me! 🙂
    To Roger’s point, I agree that this is a neat little viral trick… but how does it relate to dating?

  4. Now I’m going to have take THIS silly, silly quiz. I have to know if I’ll survive or not!!!
    Did you take the one about your blog’s rating? (Mine is rated G – General Audiences.) It’s no Disney, but I’m not surprised.

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