Need a Job? Come to Australia

North Queensland is deeply embedded in the Australian consciousness. It is a wide open, hot part of the country, where you can drive hundreds of kilometres between towns, a sea of sugar cane stretching away on each side of the road. I can remember as a child driving these long hot roads on the way to a summer holiday destination. I can remember being amazed at the train lines that run parallel to the roads, how they were so close, how we would along beside them, with the burning cane far off in the distance scarring the blue skies.

The population in the cane cutting areas are small, and when it comes to harvest time, new workers are required. This cane cutting season, the growers around Mackay are trying something different to attract haul out drivers from an international pool of workers. They are turning to YouTube. The YouTube video takes the theme from the Tourism Australia campaign "Where the Bloody Hell Are You" (which by the way, I disliked) … I think this one does more to tell the story of Australia.