Is the Z-list Your Worst Nightmare?

Your worst nightmare
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Over the past few weeks I have been noticing a few additional incoming links related to the Z-list. There have also been a few comments and emails. Now, I am a fan of the Z-list … it has been a great way to get to know a few other blogs that I would not normally visit and I do tend to check out the new additions as they come through.

The Z-list is like a wave, it ebbs and flows, comes and goes … and with it comes links to new and sometimes interesting websites. Most of the new additions have very limited content and the Z-list has been used as a way of boosting awareness, readership and links.

But, as always, awareness and links (or even traffic) don’t make a community. When the hapless Z-list visitor follows the links through to your site what will they find. Is there:

  • Interesting and engaging content
  • A depth of topics devoted to your specialisation
  • Posts that invite your readers into a dialogue
  • A spirit of transparency in your writing style
  • An emerging sense of your personal brand

You see, the Z-list can be a great opportunity but it could also be your worst nightmare. It may just generate traffic for you, it may succeed in boosting your Technorati ranking … but all this fades quicker than the click of a mouse. It is like inviting someone to your home but then not offering them anything to drink — no nibbles, no entertainment or conversation.

So rather than simply jumping into the Z-list, take the time to get your house in order. You will be remembered for being a charming host, an affable conversationalist and we will all talk about how good your party was. Isn’t that the point?

Update: If you are a new Z-lister and want to see some examples of good blogging practice, you can start with those sites on my blogroll. I ONLY list sites that I read regularly, and those that make it are consistently good! And, really, the best way to learn is to participate … you will find the authors and sites listed are all generous, spirited and intelligent. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Is the Z-list Your Worst Nightmare?

  1. Ha ha, G … that is pretty funny! You know, sometimes there are some great sites to visit while others can be disappointing. But the list just keeps getting longer!

  2. How to Consume Your Media

    How information exists. How to consume it. What’s in your glass? – Cam Beck Image by Richard. P.S. For an explanation of the Z-List, please visit Gavin’s post.

  3. the z-list will live for a very long time, GH – what a thought inducing post. And a great paragraph for the conclusion. It continues to astound when I visit z-listed spots. Certainly incentive to continue sharing the conversation!

  4. Yes, the Z-List definitely keeps us on our toes. It seems like when I can anticipate traffic coming from a certain source, such as the Z-List or participating in Darren Rowse’s group writing project, it gets me excited and makes me want to have something waiting for the reader when they arrive, sort of like when you have guests coming and you find yourself cleaning every square inch of your house, even places that you know they’ll probably never see.
    Now, with the Z-List, it’s more random and hard to anticipate when readers will stop by, so you’re absolutely right–we need to consistently keep our blogging house in order and remember that they could stop by at any time.
    When you have a blog you have to be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice, and this is what makes it so fun!

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