Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Day 2
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Ever wanted to see your money grow before your very eyes? Well here is one way …

By contributing to this fundraising effort in the name of our dear friend, CK’s mother, Sandra Kerley, you will be helping a great charity and positively creating change in other people’s lives.

This donation page has been setup by Cam Beck and all donations will go directly to Habitat for Humanity. You can donate as little as $2 … and every dollar counts!

2 thoughts on “Habitat for Humanity

  1. What I love about Habitat for Humanity is that the family that’s going to receive the house, works alongside their neighbors to help build it! It’s a wonderful community-building tool, and it gives the family a sense of pride that it’s not purely charity, they are doing what they can to help. A deserving family gets a new home, and a community becomes that much stronger in the progress. Win-win for everyone!

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