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As you might guess, I am working from about 8 feet below my keyboard, with only a my single index finger typing through the mountain of submissions for the Age of Conversation eBook.

Back to normal blogging duties as soon as the snow plough makes its way to me.

Either that, or a St Bernard. Hmm … here boy!

4 thoughts on “Avalanche

  1. At least the dogs are alleged to carry whiskey in their little barrels, under their chins. Whiskey might be good.
    I tried to use lots of small words in my chapter… they are easier for me to spell.

  2. Even if you don’t have a GPS/Argos rescue system… don’t worry, you still have Twitter! Hang on mate, we’re here!

  3. Keep the faith, my friend. I feel your pain, having just two hours ago completed the final edits on “Lead With Your Heart.” With any luck, it will be in bookstores this June (two years after I wrote the first word).

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