Attention-seeking nutter

Jaffe Working Away
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As you probably know, Joseph Jaffe is undertaking a bit of a world tour … ok, well he is at least coming to Australia on his way back from Cannes 😉

So today, Katie sends me a link pointing out this article in our local rag, The Sydney Morning Herald’s online edition (hope you all can see this). As Paul McIntyre writes, "Jaffe could be excused for being another attention-seeking nutter in the new media arena except that if he is, big companies are opening their doors to nutters …". He may not be a nutter, but he is certainly going to cause some chaos while he is here … sounds like fun!

4 thoughts on “Attention-seeking nutter

  1. Jaffe’s one of the good guys. Yes he’s big on self-promotion as are the rest of the A-Listers, but he’s also great about reaching out to other bloggers that have (gasp!) fewer links than he does! He also goes out of his way to help other bloggers, again, regardless of their being an A-Lister, or Z-Lister. We need more Jaffes.

  2. Australia has all the fun 🙂 – a while back I got onto Jaffe Juice frappr map – its astounding to see people pop up over the entire world. He stirs the pot with a good message –

  3. Well I certainly hope Jaffe has made plans to meet with you while there. Wasted trip if not. And if he got to meet Katie? You guys would be painting the town red.

  4. Hey CK! My new agency is hosting a get together with Jaffe when he comes to Sydney- I had a school girl about to meet a rock star moment when I found out. Yippee!

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