What’s on top of your fridge?

On Top of the Fridge
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You know eBooks and publishing has been on my mind quite a bit lately … and I stumbled upon this rather cool site. You will see why it struck a chord … it is a promotional site for a book — and the site itself tells a great story about the need to create a website and get your message across in a unique way. Oh, and not spend a million dollars …

Now, I saw this a few days ago … actually it could have been longer, but you know what it is like in the blogosphere — things come and go so quickly! If I remember rightly, I first saw this site by following a link from Lewis’ blog over to Seth’s blog … but then I forgot about it — not because it wasn’t interesting or even remarkable, but mostly because I thought that Seth had it covered. But then, tonight, I stumbled on it again and remembered that this was, indeed, an interesting approach … but more importantly, I wanted to blog about it because I may want to remember it again in the future … and it is much better for me to leave my ideas here than on the top of my fridge.

3 thoughts on “What’s on top of your fridge?

  1. that happens to me a lot. I see something on several blogs and like it very much, but i don’t write about it, cause i feel it’s already been “covered” – and then i remember about it at some point, and totally forget where i’ve seen it, and wonder why in God’s name i didn’t post about it on my blog, instead of just marking something down on one of my sketch note-books and so on.

  2. I’m giving a talk about advertising and the internet at Melbourne Uni in a couple of weeks. I was pretty happy with my presentation, which I’d spent a great deal of time putting together. Then someone sent me a link to that site. Suffice to say I’m now having to redo my entire presentation.

  3. Diana … I think I just need to keep reminding myself to just post anyway. Afterall, it is easier to remember where to look for something on your own site than on someone elses!
    Stan … good luck with the talk — it is cool the way that a unique approach makes us reconsider the way we go about the work that we should be experts in 😉

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