Welcome to the Conversation Age

If ideas are the currency of our times then this is, undoubtedly, the age of conversation, for without the art of dialogue, the cut and thrust of debate and discussion, then the economy of ideas would implode under its own heavy weight. Instead, the reverse is true. Far from seeing an implosion, we are living in a time of proliferation — ideas build upon ideas, discussion grows from seeds of thought and single headlines give rise to a thousand medusa-like simulations echoing words whispered somewhere on the other side of the planet. All this — in an instant.

Technology in the guise of social media is giving rise to not virtual connections, but real conversation. The human desire to reach out, meet, share and converse is tapping into digital networks in an effort to transcend and obliterate the tyrranies of time, geography and, in some instances, culture. And the resulting explosion in content, commentary, activism and community is causing academics, marketers, advertisers, politicians and social commentators (amongst others) to call into question many of the demographic standards that have been relied upon for years.

In response to these changing (and quite exciting) conditions, Drew McLellan and I are calling upon a wide range of bloggers to contribute to an e-Book entitled The Conversation Age. We are looking for a maximum of 100 bloggers to contribute one 8.5×11 page — approximately 400 words OR a page of diagrams, pictures etc — on the topic of The Conversation Age.

All proceeds from the sale of this e-Book will be donated to Variety.


If you would like to contribute to The Conversation Age, you can do so by clicking this image and letting Drew know the topic that you would like to cover (we need to make sure that we don’t double up!). But be quick, you only have until 11 APRIL 2007.

This is a great opportunity to participate in this fascinating global debate!


Thus far, those who have committed to contribute include:

Oh, and of course, Drew and I are contributing! While there is a large focus at present in the marketing area, we welcome contributions from other subject areas. So, what are you waiting for? JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

UPDATE: I forgot to thank Mike Sansone for the great button! Thanks, Mike!

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Conversation Age

  1. Gavin,
    What a great idea you sparked here. Thanks for working with Drew to get this rolling. This new publishing model is already generating new ideas for me. I am looking forward to seeing what it sparks in others.

  2. You are a wizard with words, Gavin! What a grand introduction to the Conversation project and thanks for rippling the dialogue waters –

  3. Introducing the conversation age

    People are talking. They’re talking on blogs, in social networks, in forums and chatrooms, on instant messengers, in virtual worlds and on Twitter (maybe a little too much on Twitter.) And let’s not forget email and the phone and face-to-face. At home,…

  4. Gavin,
    Wow… what great words. You continue to impress and inspire me.
    I have already emailed Drew and asked him to allow me to play along. This is awesome and I am truly looking forward to reading this.

  5. Book It Danno!

    I just learned about a really fun project about the Art of Conversation! (thanks Valeria!)  It is a free, yes FREE eBook with a variety of contributors writing about the topic, The Conversation Age.
    Learn more HERE.
    Ill be writin…

  6. Hi Gavin,
    I am definitely in. Not sure yet on topic, but I asked Drew what you guys already have so I can go deeper or branch out! I am looking forward to being part of this.

  7. Me too! Would love to be a part this exciting venture. Love the idea of dedicating to CK’s mom and the proceeds going to the children’s cause.

  8. Conversation Age – All In!

    I’m excited to say that I’ll be participating in the Conversation Age project being put together by Gavin and Drew. I’m in the process of crafting my content and am honored to be apart of the effort. I’ll let them

  9. Let’s Talk About: The Conversation Economy

    When words speak louder than actions, the human voice becomes a business requirement “Just got done biking 2 miles, first time EVER!” – “Feeling ADHD, dont want to be here, and none of my friends are online. Bastards. ;)” –

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