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Green Hornet
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So I have been doing a bit of guest blogging over at Ariel Waldman’s Shake Well Before Use … and it really does feel like I am hanging out in someone else’s apartment for the weekend. Interesting in that I have never been to Kansas!

Guest blogging creates an interesting situation … what level of control should be exercised by the blog owner — should the content be reviewed before publishing, edited down/rewritten or should it go out warts and all. Similarly for the guest, what rules apply? Are there things you shouldn’t look at, topics you shouldn’t post on? And will we all still be friends at the end of the experiment?

Throwing caution to the wind, I am also opening up Servant of Chaos to my first guest blogger. You see, I love the potential chaos of it all … I love how random my posts may seem to Ariel’s readers (and I hope they do too), and I am excited about the change in tone, perspective and approach that my special guest will bring.

And it is a special occasion — my 1000th comment was received and the person that posted it is my secret guest. Who is it? Some of you will know him as the Green Hornet.

Please make him welcome.

2 thoughts on “Welcome the Green Hornet

  1. Gavin,
    Congratulations for your 1000th comment!
    This plus all the important events in real life should make Easter 2007 worth sharing glasses of champagne! ; )

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