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I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the overlap between blogging, twitter, email and instant messaging. There are conversations that happen on all these levels … some immediate, others displaced by time and geography and still others that create sustained and thoughful commentary.

It is great to watch, via Twitteroo (or similar), a conversation unfolding. And in many ways, Twitteroo is facilitating the type of group conversations that you would have in a bar — where you can pay attention to particular speakers, become focused on one or two streams or join an all-in debate. You can also “eavesdrop” on other conversations that your group is having with someone at the next table. Cool. But kind of voueristic.

It was during one such conversation that Ariel Waldman was talking about preparing for an upcoming weekend away. You bloggers out there will know that readers get used to regular updates … and Ariel was lamenting the lack of hours in the day and struggling with the demands of work, life and blogging (like there is any real distinction). I facetiously asked why no one participating in the conversation was volunteering as a guest blogger on Ariel’s Shake Well Before Use blog.

Lo and behold, when I got home to check my email I found a Twitter Private Message from Ariel asking whether I would do a guest spot for her while she is in Seattle. So for the next couple of days I will be plumbing the intersection of “art, advertising, sex and technology” over at Ariel’s blog. Should be interesting for me, but Ariel’s readers may think it is more of a case of taking a walk on the mild side 😉

6 thoughts on “Special Guest Blogging

  1. I love Ariel’s blog. Look after it Gav.
    Make sure you’re properly attired too.
    I’d expect to see you in nothing less than a tshirt with a message like like “No Time to Fuck”, “Insatiable Little Thing”, “I Love Porn”, or “Just Good Boys Get Presents”.
    😉 Stan

  2. A walk on the wild side?
    Oh Yeaaaah! Sounds Great…
    Tu Tulu, Tu Tu Tulu, Tulu tooooo…
    So, we’ll be there to “Reed” you!

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