Book of Tears

Your words took my breath.
Sucked the air from my being.
The shock, your shock, articulation, clarity
Left me
In an instant a thousand hearts flew to you.
A tear dropped.

There are not pages enough
To hold your book of tears.

On a hundred shores of unlit oceans
We wait to hear your stories
Share your slowly returning smiles
And bask in the glow of friendship

‘Til then, my friend, we wait by
Hands outreaching
Dozens standing
Making books for the chapters
Still to be written.

And the time will come when the
tears we see
Will fall as tears of joy.

8 thoughts on “Book of Tears

  1. CK told me she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support she’s getting from all her online friends. It is truly amazing… and totally deserved.

  2. Gavin, I’m so glad you write poetry. This is quite moving and comforting. I’ll say a prayer for CK and her family.

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