The Law is an Ass … or is that your employer?

Arsebook When I first heard about Bob Sutton’s book, The No Asshole Rule, I cracked up (sorry couldn’t resist). I loved the idea behind the book and the irreverent way that Bob gets his point across.

I even got of my ass to take the ARSE (Asshole Rating Self Exam).

But Bob continues to generate strong word of mouth by providing a new service — ARSEmail. Now you can "help someone who is dealing with an asshole" or apologise for being one — all from the one convenient website. Makes me think Angryman could give up his bloglife and simply spend the time sending emails … but then we would all miss out on his colourful rants.

Bob’s campaign (or is it Guy’s) goes to show how well an integrated and intelligent campaign can be put together. Only thing its missing is some YouTube hidden cam videos.

(Via Guy Kawasaki)

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