Where’s the Loot?

giddy girlie dotcom
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Remember the dotcom boom? It was a giddy time of energy, ideas and technology for its own sake. There was not a business model to be seen (or very few), and the gold-rush style staking of domain names was big business.

In Australia (as in many parts of the world) there were vast sums of money made and lost. An old buddy of mine, Grant Butler, spent some time documenting the rise and fall of the dotcom era in Australia in a book called "Where’s the Loot". And while some of the events and personalities have slipped from our memories, there are some salient lessons that could easily applied to the current technology/business world (especially in the mobile space from what I have seen).

The book has now been made available as a free download. If you feel like a walk down amnesia lane, or simply want to learn what NOT to do this time around … check it out here.