Spooky Numbers

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The dream was intense. I was jumping between the number 66 and 67. They were merging together, skipping and jumping across my vision. There was no sound, only intensity.

Periodically I would half wake and the dream would skip. The numbers changed … this time a larger number, still intense and jumping up and down, not changing, just vibrating. The number 11037. Eventually I forced myself awake, listening for sound in the quiet house.

I repeated the numbers over to myself, thinking that I had to remember them for a reason.

Then here they were, just a day or so later … 67 which was my seat number … 11 which was the flight number and 37 which was the gate number. I think I might just take your advice Ian and Sharon and buy a lottery ticket!

4 thoughts on “Spooky Numbers

  1. Don’t buy the ticket – you’re in Australia, right? Where TV is a season or two behind the US? (except for Baywatch) My friend, you do not want your life to imitate art and end up stranded on an abandonded dharma project island.

  2. Gianandrea … now that would be a great excuse to visit Italy 😉
    Pete … too late. Already here. Though sometimes a deserted island looks desireable.

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