Number 5

Number 5
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Tim has tagged me — so now it is my turn to give five reasons why I blog (ok five may be hard to stick to):

  1. Community — If you want to play in the community space, if you want to understand what online communities and social media is all about, then you have to DO IT. Not only that, you have to understand how LONG it can take to build a community (months not days), the tools you need, the way to measure and chart your growth and, importantly, how to create the stories that work for your audience.
  2. Gals and Guys — You get to meet some great people blogging. You quickly find that there are a LOT of people out there who are smarter, funnier, prettier and altogether far more groovy than you. But if you are careful, and respectful (ok … sometimes you have to grovel), then sometimes they will play with you.
  3. Writing Strategy — I think this is one of Russell’s … but I believe that writing is strategy. If you work in strategy (or would like to), then writing is one of the best ways of creating strategy … and blogs are a perfect way to TEST IDEAS, challenge beliefs and give you the chance to put your money where your mouth is. Got a great idea? Put it online and let it be picked apart. If you have thick skin, you can learn from the best minds in the biz.
  4. Shoot Your Mouth Off — This is part of the chaotic approach. There are days when you just need to vent … you will see something and be outraged. You will read something and be disgusted. On those days, it is just not good form to rant on other people’s blogs — so having your own blog is perfect. I used to rant a lot more often than I do now, but I remember that it felt good. Actually, I am sure I am OVERDUE for the sin bin any day now.
  5. Pleasure — I actually enjoy blogging. If I am away from it for too long I feel like I am missing out on something. And I find myself brimming over with ideas that are all too easily forgotten — at least with blogging I have a way of keeping track of them all.

OK … now the fun part! I get to choose five other bloggers:

  • Seb — because he has a great way of looking at the world and a fascinating ability to thin slice culture and society.
  • Sacrum — well because he is Sacrum. And because he sends warmness.
  • Diana — because she writes such lovely e-mails and has such fascinating stories, insights and personal pictures on her site.
  • Stan — because his blog cloud highlights the words LOVE and ADVERTISING and because he can’t get to Sydney for coffee mornings so we need another way to meet him.
  • David — because he has just started blogging and I am keen to know what prompted him and whether he has picked up the addiction as yet.

8 thoughts on “Number 5

  1. Gavin, yours is my first tag… and from halfway around the world. How cool!
    I’ll respond on my blog in a couple of days. I have a hectic week coming up, thank goodness.
    But I’ll give you a preview — I am hooked on this blogging stuff. My wife is starting to wonder if I have a girlfriend online.

  2. 5 Huh?
    I’m honoured to be the recipient of this..well..Honour.
    I Blog because-
    1. I control the means of production. No third party. Just me.
    2. I get fascinated by the world and there is only so much bullshit my wife can listen to at the end of the day.
    3. I connect with people all over the planet. Not a lot of people, maybe 20-100 a day but still that blows my mind.
    4. I write outside of Blogging and think of Blogging as a kind of cross training. A great discipline.
    5. I get invited to all the best parties, offered free coke and showered with beautiful models.

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