Too Funny

OK … so I still cannot comment on ANY Typepad blog — and it seems that some of you cannot comment here. I don’t know what is going on, and the Typepad folks don’t seem to be able to fix it. So it seems I will have to write my comments here and link back. Unfortunately this means that I can’t really engage in the conversation … and it is quite frustrating, because there are some great discussions taking place at the moment!

  • In celebration of Paul’s 1000th comment, he is handing over blog control to his readers — well to the reader who submits the 1000th comment. So, at last count, it looks like the winner is Tim Jackson who promises a fistful of curses and sharp insight that will make your eyes bleed.
  • Cam is upset at the ongoing corporate branding and trademarking of common phrases. I agree.
  • Ariel explains that men who look at women for 10 minutes per day achieve a similar level of health benefit as those who exercise for 30 minutes at the gym. Finally a type of exercise that I can cope with!
  • Roger shares his travel adventures in Egypt with us all … showing his restless creative interest never holidays even when he does!
  • Marcus has taken his bat and ball and gone home.
  • His alter-ego continues to apply for jobs with top European agencies, finding that his approach while "genius", does not achieve the desired outcome.

7 thoughts on “Too Funny

  1. Gavin–
    Thank you for sharing all those links–I’m going to visit them now!
    Also the TypePad people really need to fix this commenting problem because I had this same problem last week with my own blog, and today I actually got my first bit of hate mail from someone who tried unsuccessfully to comment on my blog. She thought that I had deleted her comment (which I never even got to see) on purpose, and she wrote me an email telling me she unsubscribed from my feed as a result of my tyrannical screening of the comments!
    Ugh–I know it’s frustrating not being able to leave and accept comments–hang in there. I will too.
    I kind of like this alternative you’ve come up with though :-).
    Here’s hoping this comment makes it through…

  2. Blogger MADE me switch to their new platform too. I didn’t like it because they are still working out bugs with it, but they actually force you to change- you have no option if you want access to your blog. So I made the switch and now I am hoping for the best… argh. I feel your pain brother.
    I am so conflicted over the whole Hee-Haw hostage situation. I mean, get to take over Paul’s blog! How effin cool is that? BUT… he’s a real player now. He’s Top 25 now. I mean, dammit, I have to actually be “responsible”.
    I agree with Ariel’s report… for what it’s worth.

  3. Hi Gavin,
    Same comment as Marcus’… you mailbox bounces our emails back. But hey… more is needed to stop us right!
    Regarding Typepad I have the same problem. But I observed this, and it seems to work (a bit annoying indeed):
    1. Type your comment as you would do when things are fine.
    2. Check (ok) the “Remember personal info” box.
    3. Once you are done, don’t click “Preview” or “Post” right away.
    4. Copy the content of your comments area.
    5. Close the page you were on in your browser.
    – Now the next steps are just a matter of timing : the faster, the more chance to succeed. Key = SPEED –
    6. Re-open the page you were on (via history in your browser), as soon as it is loaded, paste your comment you copied.
    7. Click “Post” (fast, fast!)
    8. Fill the security check pattern.
    9. Keep you fingers crossed.
    Should work. If it does for you too, please let me know! : )
    Thanks for the great links, you’re right many are worth the read. Please let us know when your mail problem is solved.
    Kind Regards.

  4. Another hint :
    Before doing this… empty your browser cache, history, cookies and all. I beleive it helps.
    If it works, do you think Typepad dudes will come in Belgium to hire me? Haha… I’m ready guys!
    : )

  5. Gavin,
    Can’t beleive you link us all to so many great posts. Thanks once again! Now tell me… you do have a clone, don’t you? ; )

  6. I must admit to feeling a bit ragged this week … hope it is not affecting the quality of the posts! And I really owe Ann a new post over at MarketingProfs … just need to find more hours, a different life or a clone.

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