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I love it when Paul does this. You see, I love a good story, and probably more than that, I love a good storyteller. And one of the most nourishing aspects of blogging, for me, has been the resurgence of storytelling online.

Paul has a great way of weaving a story together. He is able to bring a balance of ideas and words together around a theme and then punch it a little — push the narrative in one direction, coax out the nuances with some humour and a little insight — and pepper it all with a gentle self-reflection.

Interestingly, when I began reading his post, I thought it was heading in one direction (music), only to find over here that it has gone in a different direction (go read it, it is great). This is one of the strengths and joys of this style of storytelling … the author takes the reader on an adventure of ideas. We are just lucky to have such a great guide on this one.

BTW … I am still black-balled by Typepad, so sorry for the lack of commentary out there — I am reading but simply doing so with duct tape over my mouth.

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  1. Hey Paul … you have some great stories that you should link to … I can’t dig into your archives well enough and I KNOW there is gold in there somewhere.

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