Deep in the Z-list

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Becky Carroll came up with a great idea … categorising the Z-list! After all … it was getting a bit out of control! And who better to think of it than one of the VERY FIRST names on the list?

But then I thought, what about a bit more information? What about a brief overview of each blog — just 10 or so words to sum it up? Surely it couldn’t take too long! Hmmm — so I have been up to my neck in the Z-list for the last couple of nights, taking a look here and there …. but luckily I am not alone as Becky decided to pitch in as did my good friend Sharon Sarmiento.

We have been tossing a document between us like a hot potato … and I think we are about half way there. With any luck it will all be done really soon.

When the Z-list phenomenon first started, I really liked the way that people would introduce the blogs that they loved. I think it was this small introduction that made all the difference to me (of course, it was hard to keep up with it all!), and really helped me to decide whether to click-through or not. But as the Z-list spread further and further, this small introduction slipped away, and we ended up with bigger and bigger lists. In the end, Seth Godin threw it all into a Squidoo lens … and then it all seemed to fritter away.

Of course, one of the things that Seth did was to stop the meme from spreading. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but placing it onto Squidoo meant that everyone went to Squidoo rather than distributing their destinations randomly across the blogosphere. But it now seems like it is kicking itself back into life … and we are aiming to give it a little help along!

7 thoughts on “Deep in the Z-list

  1. It’s not like Seth owns Squidoo or anything… 😉
    Hey. Can’t wait to see this. I’ve been equally amazed by the whole phenomenon. Just followed a link to a woman who works in a manufacturing warehouse. Got lost in her world for a while.

  2. I’m the blogger that’s responsible for restarting the Z List a week or two ago. However, I didn’t expect it to keep on growing so rapidly.
    It’s currently being spread among personal blogs and as you know, personal blogs LURVE memes.
    Definitely noticed that most of them were just spreading it as a way to increase backlinks/PR .. so the idea of categorizing the Z list is very cool for me.
    Kinda brings back the spirit of the original list, although I was never a part of it 🙂

  3. Yet another thing to love you (and Becky and Sharon!)for. This is a labor of love but a labor indeed….I am stunned at this act of kindness–you guys rock. Way to give the Z-List new life and meaning…and thanks to Maki for getting it going again.

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