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When Mack Collier started the Z-list, it was done with a clear aim — to "turn Technorati’s system of using a blog’s # of links to determine its ‘authority’, on its ear". The focus at first was on marketing related blogs … but as with all things web 2.0-ish, once you release these beast-like memes into the world, you never know where they might take you.

I remember watching as incoming links started to increase. I was fascinated by the new sites that I would come across simply by following the Z-list. But then, at a certain point, things started to change … the meme jumped a category and began linking through to Education focused sites. This, to me, was thrilling.

The links continued to grow and the original impulse for the Z-list seemed to be lost. New additions to the list didn’t seem to play by the same rules — and simply added the list to their site without new additions. And importantly, for me, I was disappointed to find that otheres were not explaining the reason for adding new sites to the list (afterall, this gives at least some context and extra impetus to click through). But then the Z-list plateaued and seemed to run out of puff.

Over the last week or so there has been more activity kicking in … with a whole new category of blog picking it up. And, surprisingly, it seems to be gaining pace again. However, it is becoming unwieldy … so to provide a little more than a simple list, I am planning to do a quick review of each of the sites on the Z-list and try and categorise them — actually, Becky suggested that we divide the list in half! GREAT! But tonight I am thinking something more … perhaps a quick review — a TEN WORD REVIEW.

Now, I don’t know if I can do it … but will give it a go. What about you, Becky? Up for the Z-list 10 Word Challenge? Anybody else want to help out?

7 thoughts on “The Mack of Z

  1. Sure, I’ll help out! We can divide the list by 3. The only hard part will be limiting the review to 10 words (you know how I love to write those 1,000 word essays!) but I’m sure I could contain myself for this project :-).
    Just let me know what blogs I’m reviewing.
    This is a great idea, BTW, and sort of gets it back to the original purpose. The Z-List, after all, is not just a random link exchange, but rather an effort to bring really good, lesser known sites some exposure. It would be helpful to have the categorization and the reviews.

  2. Of course, Gavin! Not sure I can do it tonight (it is Valentine’s Day here in the US, and I have a date with my hubby!), but I am definitely up for a 10-word review of each. For my half/third of the list, that is! 😉
    I think having some way to sort the Z-list, categories and a short review, would make it more manageable. It will also get us back to the original intent: find more interesting blogs to read!
    Thanks for chiming in, Sharon!

  3. Holy huh? Google just bought Technorati?
    Where the hell have I been?
    And reviewing all the z list sites?
    Won’t that take forever?
    Could I possibly ask any more questions?
    Can I?

  4. Right before I left work yesterday, I looked at my GreatNews feed and saw a story headlined “Google Acquires Technorati.” Since I was on my way out, I didn’t read the story, and now I can’t find any mention of it from a Google search. Maybe I’m wrong…

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