Always the Bridesmaid?

Andrewhowellscartoon_1 A friend of mine, Andrew Howells, has an entry in this year’s Bald Archies. For those non-Australians out there, the Bald Archies is an exhibition of paintings that parody Australia’s premier portraiture prize, the Archibald Prize.

Andrew’s painting depicts Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, as a bride, with his Treasurer, Peter Costello as the dejected bridesmaid. This reflects recent political events and neatly puts the situation into a typical laconic Australian context. Hope you like it!

3 thoughts on “Always the Bridesmaid?

  1. It’s great when political art gets some mainstream attention. It then has a real chance to get people to think differently.
    I recognize the bride John Howard from photos I’ve seen in some media. The painting is really well done! It made me laugh; this stuff is good for those in power — I think it keeps leaders grounded, humble, though they must develop a very thick skin to stand it!

  2. superb. clever. a piece that you want to continue to look at. thank you for featuring this. Andrew already gets a prize but even more luck to him to get a Bald Archie.

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