Typepad Black Balls Me Again!

Big black ball
Originally uploaded by Lightning Jack.

For some reason I can’t comment on ANY Typepad blog at the moment. The comment fields rarely appear, and when they do, my submission times out …

Kind of frustrating … but I will try and write up my comments here and reference YOUR site/posts that way.

2 thoughts on “Typepad Black Balls Me Again!

  1. Actually, that is a fabulous idea, just having a blog that is only comments on other things. With no explanation. Just stuff like:
    “Dude, that totally rocked.”
    and then the next day:
    “I fervently disagree. It’s called the brand ESSENCE. NOT the brand promise.”

  2. You think that’s bad. Blogger installed one of those wobbly letter things on ‘dashboard’ of my blog because they suspected it may be spam. This meant I had to type the wobbly letters in everytime I posted something on my own blog. Aaaagh!

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